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Leaps of Faith and Following My Dreams

You guys!!
I’m starting a Podcast!

It’s still so weird to say out loud and share with people, but its happening! Oh my god it’s happening  (name that movie haha)  Check out my Blog Post Announcement here.

This has been a dream of mine since I started listening to them after Lucy was born. I had never heard of a podcast before this but I very quickly became obsessed.  If you were to ask my friends, they’d all say that I would easily find ways to incorporate “so… I was listening to this podcast…” into pretty much any conversation I was having — with just about anyone.  Listening to Podcasts became my favourite way to pass time.  As a new mom, it was the simplest way for me to “engage” with other adults which left me feeling that much more encouraged instead of isolated in my tiny apartment during those frigid winter months.  I also felt like I was being more productive with my time because I could listen while I did just about anything — plus the episodes I was listening to were helping me with my personal, parental & entrepreneurial development and growth.

Ledua Photography

After listening to a wide variety of podcast shows (some were about home design, Motherhood, side hustles, inspiring interviews with Ms Oprah Winfrey, sermons, and MORE) I started to toy with the idea of doing one myself.  Of course, I didn’t tell anyone this at first.  I just had a baby, I was up to my neck in laundry and dishes and diapers — there was no way that I would find the time to do anything for myself outside of maybe showering a few times a week.

Fast forward another year, and I was still as obsessed as ever (maybe even more).  I had the crazy idea of sharing this goal with Jesse and immediately his response was something along the lines of “Finally!! I was waiting for you to say something” haha He knew!! Of course he knew.  Not only did he know, but he also thought it was a fabulous idea and would continue to bring it up from time to time over the next few months.  Jesse would create space in our weeks that allowed me to get away to blog and do all kinds of research on how to do this whole podcasting thing.  It has been so amazing to have someone in my corner who 1- didn’t think I was crazy for having such a big and lofty (or so I thought) dream and 2 – who did everything he could to encourage me and push me towards achieving this goal.

Jesse believed in me so much, that one day this past September, he stated that we were “going to buy a mic today!”


“What do you mean, we’re going to buy a mic — today?”  I said.

“Yea! It’s happening.  It’s time!  You need to just bite the bullet and start or you never will.  You’ve done all kinds of research, you know what you need to do and the rest we can just figure out.”



So we did! We went to our local Best Buy, looked around for a Blue Yeti mic, found one on sale and the deal was done!!  This was scary! I had a mic now.  A mic that didn’t cost us $20 either.  I had to now.  So, I buckled down – purchased some subscriptions and software that I would need and started trying to decide who I wanted my first few guests to be.  I held my breath, sent 4 emails out and received 3 immediate Yes’ and 1 No (i’m taking that one as a “no, not right now” based on what the email said haha)

3 yes’!!! WHAT?!  Two of these ladies, I had never even met or talked to outside of a few comments back and forth on several Instagram posts.  I was in shock.  How was it that people were already getting behind what I wanted to do without even really knowing me or seeing what I could do?  I realized that I was on the right track.  God says that he will work all things for good for those who love him — and while that verse sounds all roses and butterflies, I think that it doesn’t really mean that I want something cool, so like a good genie, God is going to come through.  No, I believe that God put this dream in my heart.  I believe that this lines up with the greater calling that God has on my life and He is working things out because I am being obedient, getting out of my comfort zone and pursuing the big dream that he has put before me.

Ledua Photography

I have been recording, editing and working really hard at putting together some great content for you guys and I am super excited about it.
For more information on the Podcast & its l launch date and check out my big announcement post here & join the More than Mom Podcast Community on Facebook
I Can’t wait for you all to listen in and share in one of my biggest goals, to date, becoming a reality!!

What is a goal of yours that you have been keeping on the back burner?  Bring it forward and turn up that heat girl!! It’s time to start following those dreams and make realities.


2 thoughts on “Leaps of Faith and Following My Dreams”

  1. So awesome, and Jesse- its just so admirable to think of your spouse in this busy time and not only graciously “allow” but even push to give her her own time. To do that for a someone takes MATURITY and is not a first instinct! And Adrienne to wait and think it through is also pretty amazing, I mean I drop my many and random dreams on my husband like every day and expect him to get on board hahah… I’m excited for your new venture!


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